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Phoenix (surp)Rises

I’ve been wanting to check out the newly re-opened Phoenix cinema in East Finchley and finally got to go last night. We went to see “Made in Dagenham” in the evening – great film, well worth seeing in it’s own right.

At lunchtime we had popped in to buy the tickets and check out the new Cafe/terrace. I didn’t realise they are doing light lunches there too – we had a very palatable soup & vegetable platter (to share) and the coffee was good. Fortunately they had sold out of the famous Phoenix cakes but the Cafe manager reassured us there would be more for the evening session.

So, after seeing the film, we went back to the cafe, had a glass of wine and stood on the terrace to watch the world go by. You get a lovely night-time view, lit by the orange and blue glow from the new neon signs and many a passer-by looked up with (we thought) envy.

Funnily enough, it was “Film Club” night – I had no idea there was a film club but according to Kim, the organiser, it’s been going on there for several years. We got chatting, Alison Moore turned up and one thing lead to another … so now we’re members of the Film Club and devotees of the upstairs Cafe to boot!



Friend of mine, Conny, recently had a baby – she heard this from a relative and I wholeheartedly agree:

“A new baby has a tiny thumb, but from the start you’re definitely under it”

Jack Petchey – Listen Up – We should!

I’ve always had a feeling that the way people are portrayed has a huge impact on the way they feel about themselves and how they behave when they’re showing off to each other.

That’s clearly how it works for children and young people. If they are respected, if their achievements are celebrated, if they are cared for and cared about, they respond by being respectful, kind, caring and happy.

The Jack Petchey Foundation has recently surveyed over 6,000 young people and asked them about their influences. I think it’s about time that chikldren and young people were given good press. I think it’s the best way to ensure they are enabled to make their heartfelt contribution to society.

Listen Up 2010 JPF Report_1_7MB

Memory Keeper’s Daughter

I’ve just finished reading “The Memory Keeper’s Daughter” by Kim Edwards. It was recommended to me by the person sitting next to me at a dinner recently – we were talking about my artworks and she mentioned the book.

I can see something of what she was saying, how the main male character, David, was a “memory keeper” using photographs as his tool of remembrance. The main female character, Norah, his wife, was haunted by the  loss at birth of her twin daughter – David had kept secret from her that their daughter was in fact still alive. They drifted apart and Norah had an affair – which David found out about, but didn’t mention.

One line from the book: “He’d kept this silence because his own secrets were darker, more hidden, and because he believed his secrets had created hers”.

Well worth reading – good characterisation and pacing throughout, ultimately redemptive.

What’s in a name …

Just wanted to point out I’ve *No* connection to – in case you were wondering 😉

Connecting from my email is easy to do

Apparently I can connect to my WordPress site just by emailing … I’ll be sending random thoughts in from time to time this way, than categorising them later.

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