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Doing something little feels great

I spent an hour yesterday doing some digging – actually I think the term is guerilla gardening – outside our local tube station.
There’s a steep slope next to the station wall which is used mostly as a dump by passers-by and (from what I found while digging) the station’s builders.
The Archer had an article about a local resident, Guy, who obtained a grant to “do it up” by planting it up properly – but needed some help doing it all.
I was passing there one day last week, saw someone gardening, got chatting to him and agreed to come along next time they were doing something there … so there I was, digging.
I gave him and Monica fair warning that I have “black thumbs” instead of green fingers, so was told to turn the “soil” over and remove the bricks, glass, metal, plastic, ceramic etc as I did so. The station manager was mucking in right next to me.
After an hour I had to go but came back later and took some pics.
Well done to all involved (most of them were there all day) – it’s starting to look really good.


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