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Artist Supports Poets in Zimbabwe

At the EFO Summer Open this year, I saw an a amazing collection of calligraphy by a local artist Cherrell Avery – one piece in particular caught my attention. It was a particularly strong representation of a poem, describing life in Zimbabwe.


Image by Cherrell Avery, words by poet from Zimbabwe

The story behind the work was also remarkable. Cherrell is a professional calligrapher and lettering artist and is President of North London Lettering Association. She is always looking for new sources of inspiration and heard a Radio 4 programme last year, on the life of young poets in Zimbabwe. She was moved by their plight and through the Poetry International (Zimbabwe) website, she chose the words of two poets to interpret.

Responding intuitively to the meaning of the words she created beautiful visual interpretations of the poems in three art works, and the poets granted permission for them to be on exhibition. Cherrell arranged a “silent auction” of the works, with 50% of the proceeds going directly to the poet. One piece was sold (luckily for me, my bid was successful) but the other two are still available for discerning collectors.


Image by Cherrell Avery, words by poet from Zimbabwe

You can contact Cherrell through her website if you would like to buy one of these works. The money will make a big difference to the poets’ lives in difficult times.


Memory Keeper’s Daughter

I’ve just finished reading “The Memory Keeper’s Daughter” by Kim Edwards. It was recommended to me by the person sitting next to me at a dinner recently – we were talking about my artworks and she mentioned the book.

I can see something of what she was saying, how the main male character, David, was a “memory keeper” using photographs as his tool of remembrance. The main female character, Norah, his wife, was haunted by the  loss at birth of her twin daughter – David had kept secret from her that their daughter was in fact still alive. They drifted apart and Norah had an affair – which David found out about, but didn’t mention.

One line from the book: “He’d kept this silence because his own secrets were darker, more hidden, and because he believed his secrets had created hers”.

Well worth reading – good characterisation and pacing throughout, ultimately redemptive.

Recreating visual memories – Chris Porsz

I saw this story in the Metro (a free London paper) on the tube. Here’s a man who took candid (unposed, observations of other people) photographs 30 years ago in the place where he was living: Peterborough. He’s tried to re-create the pictures by asking for those people in them to get in touch through local radio, then posing them in the same locations.

Chris’ bio is on the Peterborough In Pictures site. His photos are poignant and well done.

My interest in these is the different take on memory – how we remember the past and specific events. The photographer is, of course, remembering. But so are the people in the pictures. Their stories are poignant: both the story from then and (particularly for couples) the stories in the 30 years since.

Very interesting.

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