I’m an artist making work about memory. Memory is about me, who I am, what I remember about the world and the people in it. Reflections on my memories form the basis of my plans for my day, my life. Motivated forgetting – repression or suppression, recall decay – is the bane of my life but also keeps me sane.

Memory is used in the processes of creating my work. I draw from memory – incidents, poses, spatial relationships between people. My “visual poems” stem from interviews with people about their special places … which I associate with images I’ve taken in the past and use to create a single image representing their story.

I’m a parent. Our two kids are currently (2010) making the transition from the child world to the adult world.

I own my carbon footprint and write about how every little helps to reduce it.

Why Mememory? Me, meme, memory, em em, me memorial … seemed to work for me!


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