Every Little helps – February 2012

Every Little HelpsSo, depth of winter, hunkered down against the cold, possibly the gloomiest time of year in the UK – maybe that’s why I’ve got disenchanted with sustainability recently. It all makes me want to turn up the heating and eat too much.

Of course, it could be the continued ineffectiveness of governments (local, national, international) to keep the sustainability ball rolling … up in the air … whatever. I mean: reducing local recycling, cutting the renewable energy tariff, forgetting to agree CO2 levels … who’s in charge here?

Anyway, my enthusiasm was renewed (oops) by friends who have bought an eco house in Dorset – built with all the right technology and lovely views to boot – for their retirement. I like to think I’d be able to retire with a zero carbon footprint, at least when it comes to my home and travel arrangements. The house was a one-off, created by an engineer for himself. Maybe watching Grand Designs has affected me, but I’m thinking I’d like to build an eco house one day. Somewhere with good views, local shops (and good medical facilities). There are a few building companies aiming at the “Passivhaus” energy saving standard – 90% energy reduction compared to “standard” new houses. Perhaps I’ll have a chat with some of them.

So, back to here and now: I’m starting to prepare for the EFO Summer Open and wondering if I can use “found” materials in my work. I like the idea that the work could have renewable credentials. I’ve seen lovely work with driftwood; amazing African craft using plastic bags, drink cans, old nails; handbags made of old vinyl records; vintage clothes re-purposed. If anyone working likewise wants to show their work with me, let me know.

Meanwhile, on with another jumper, back on the bike and roll on summer!


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