Every Little Helps – October 2011

Every Little HelpsOctober already (note to self: time to look out the thermal underwear for cycling) and the evenings are drawing in. A natural reaction is to turn on more lights and crank up the faithful old boiler thingy, trying to pretend it’s not happening (autumn that is).

On a trip to Rye recently, I was delighted to see the wind farm waving its arms at us as we struggled against the (admittedly warm) ocean breeze. Also delighted to see quite a collection of both domestic solar thermal and solar electrical (PV) installations making the most of the intermittent sunlight: maybe the councillors (and neighbours) there are a bit more tolerant or – dare I say it? – switched on to the idea of renewable energy.

I was also delighted to read the Archer article about local PV and to hear a work friend say how cheap it was to get her loft insulated. There’s more of it going on than we know, perhaps, but always room for more.

It’s well worth considering early insulation of loft and windows as I’ve mentioned before. It’s also worth considering getting to grips with reducing usage of some things which might seem trivial but overall make a real difference: the lights you switch off in your workplace overnight; the charger you unplug when it’s not in use; the clever extension cable that switches off all the computer bits when you shut down; the TV switched off not on standby; the shower you take instead of a bath – it all adds up.

I’m going to have a “Dad Day” every week, where I’ll promise not to nag everyone about turning off lights etc … provided they do it themselves! Next time, I’ll (finally) be writing about electric cars and bikes … watch this space.


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